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20 Jul 2016 01:46 am

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Advertisement, 28 Aug 2016 07:02 am

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TerminalMontage, 20 Jul 2016 01:47 am

I'm really slow at drawing backgrounds :V

Also I decided to make the page 50% larger! HOPE YOU LIKE.

plokman, 20 Jul 2016 10:12 am

Wow his memory has scanlines.

Nease01 (Guest), 20 Jul 2016 10:44 am

Jer's face on the last panel is basically mine everytime I see that there is a new page.

Ultimate the Hedgehog, 20 Jul 2016 11:22 am


Nashew, 20 Jul 2016 10:21 pm

It's all coming baaack to me noooow

ADerpyMooCow (Guest), 22 Jul 2016 07:09 pm

Only four weeks for a update! You truly are spoiling us.

FINISH HIM!!!! (Guest), 23 Jul 2016 12:25 pm

Getting knocked through the fancy glass window is some Mortal Kombat level shit.

Johnny the man (Guest), 23 Jul 2016 03:52 pm

Here come dat boi with a new page!

Slappy31 (Guest), 24 Jul 2016 10:26 am

A crap ton of questions
I return from a year long brake from this comic but that's beside the point. I decided to reread the comic to get all caught up. While rereading the comic something about ep 7 and ep 8 stood out. The genie and the lamp is hardly explained.

I know the genie's magic can destroy the universe if over uesed. That's all we really know how the genie works. Is his magic like the fallout 4 settlement building system? (Where you have a limit to what you can build where smaller items take less from the build limit bar but bigger items take more) Another thing that bothered me is how dose the genie chooses who he follows. Gabby just had to grab the lamp in order to control the genie. While other people touched the lamp and the genie still followed Gaby. Dose the person need to be in a extream emotional state When they touch the lamp? Also how would the genie hunter even "liquidized" the genie, by destroing the lamp? If so how would he destroy the lamp? We see that thing block a sword attack and fall and bounce from height's that would brake almost any form glass.(unless the lamp is made out of gold) another thing is dose the genie stay with who he is following until they die or untill the person just says they don't need the genie any more?

I know that the comic follows Jeff for most part during this adventure. I won't mind if Jeff and jer post's the rules somewhere else. (Sort of like a book explaining the creatures that live in the world of sq) I also know that it would be hard to find a way to wright in all the rules for the genie. If something was explained that I said was not. feel free to tell me for I might have skimed over it. Heck maybe more will be explained later on. only time can tell.

TerminalMontage, 24 Jul 2016 02:36 pm

Only time will tell ;) I like your thoughts Slappy31.

In regards to a book explaining the creatures and lore of the world, we've had an idea like that for a long time. It would be "Jeff's beastiary" where he chronicles all the things he has seen on his quests. We just haven't gotten around to it.

Some random guy (Guest), 26 Jul 2016 10:10 am

Hey Jeremy. So I asked this question on page 46 but I'm pretty sure you didn't see it. The joke on the last few panels changed for some reason, any explanation as to why?

TerminalMontage, 26 Jul 2016 11:13 am

Our humor has evolved some and I thought the original joke wasn't that great, and a bit tasteless.

Nease01, 04 Aug 2016 12:01 am

please don't hate me jer
i finally got around to making a profile (like anyone really cares) jer i hope you don't mind but i made my profile pic have the same dance as your's, because it's the only dance i know how to do in real life.(basically i traced over the arms of your pic and flipped the image) if you do mind i will change the pic to something else.

TerminalMontage, 04 Aug 2016 11:14 am

I love it.

Ultimate the Hedgehog, 13 Aug 2016 04:03 pm

I could watch you guys' avatars for hours.

ADerpyMooCow (Guest), 13 Aug 2016 07:10 pm

Hay jer i know Monster Hunter Gen has been out for a wile now and i'm wondering is it any good? (if you got it) for i haven't been able to pick it up yet.

Kitsyfluff, 15 Aug 2016 06:12 am

Ayyy i finally got around to finishing the whole comic up to this point. (and also made an account) Episode 7 has been freaking amazing man

TerminalMontage, 16 Aug 2016 05:25 pm


I got MHGen, it's pretty good.

TerminalMontage, 24 Aug 2016 03:55 pm

Just a heads up guys, probably won't update the comic this month, and maybe not in September either! I'M SORRY. I want to but-

BUSY BUSY BUSY follow me on twitter, and tumblr to stay up to date with things :v

Slappy31 (Guest), 25 Aug 2016 05:42 pm

There is the side quests I know in love! Having to wait a couple months for an update. it's like the audience side quest, is too sit and wait for the next page. (I'm trying to be sarcastic so don't think I'm angry or any thing)

Nease01, 26 Aug 2016 03:54 pm

i personally don't care how long it takes for the next page. Simply because of the high quality level to these pages. I believe that it's better to take your time and produce something that look's amazing. Rather then rush the project and have it come out looking crappy.

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