End of Episode 7 Part 1

November 26th, 2014, 10:03 am

Author Comments:

TerminalMontage, November 25th, 2014, 3:24 pm

And that's the end of Episode 7! Thank you so much for reading! And for those of you supporting our Patreon, I blew each of you a kiss, if you feel a brush of wind against your cheek, that is from me.

We're gonna take a little break, so next week SQ won't update, but the following week Part 2 will start!

(Also, songs will not always be at the end of an episode, they could appear at the start or middle of one!)

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User Comments:

Carl (Guest), November 26th, 2014, 1:37 pm

How dare you not put songs at the end of every episode!? WE DEMAND SONGS. WE DEMAND A WEBCOMIC AKIN TO THE LIKES OF DISNEY MOVIES.


Nick Cypher The Flames, November 26th, 2014, 2:40 pm

^3^ Yay~ Sidequests~ It's been so so long, I was so excited when it was announced it was to resume. And it has been... so... very... worth it.

The_Hankerchief, November 26th, 2014, 3:19 pm

TM and Captain Jeff, you are truly both beautiful souls. Keep up the good work!

TerminalMontage, November 26th, 2014, 3:39 pm

Thank you guys (: and Carl, there will always be songs! Just not always at the end of an episode! They might appear in the middle, or at the beginning!

Also! YAY! Over 900 registered fans!

kevansevans, November 26th, 2014, 4:55 pm

Go get'm Jeff!

Captn Jeff, November 26th, 2014, 5:45 pm

Thank you Mr. Hankerchief, it is valiant men like you that make this all worth while.

Ignolian (Guest), November 27th, 2014, 9:29 am

Here's a thought after re-reading the past few pages...

The New Girl is possibly Jeremy. The Genie seems to be damn powerful, but if we remember Aladdin's Genie, one of his rules was that he cannot force love. So perhaps the Genie created a fake Jeremy that was in love with Gabby, while turning the Real Jeremy into this woman and sealing away his memories into the locket, just to be sure that the real Jeremy didn't interfere with his evil plans. It would explain how the new woman is an anomaly in this city, as well as why she looks somewhat similar to Jeremy in shape.

nachobear64, November 28th, 2014, 1:21 pm

Terminal, I'm glad you laid off animation for Side Quests. And Jeff, thanks for the dialogue in this wonderful comic. I hope you continue doing this great work!

P.S) Ingolian, you stole my theory from a while back. You think you're slick... but I'm watching you...

TerminalMontage, November 28th, 2014, 3:09 pm

Nachobear64, thank you. I'm glad too. Side Quests is much more fulfilling to work on :)

Captn Jeff, November 29th, 2014, 1:50 pm

Yes Nachobear64 thank you :)

It's very rewarding to have such awesome fans and Jeremey and I both love reading all of your theories.

Forgeta, December 2nd, 2014, 7:32 pm

Ooooh... you guys sure know how to leave us hanging... ESPECIALLY WITH A ROMANTIC SUBPLOT!!!

Miguel (Guest), December 3rd, 2014, 7:24 am

RSS feed?
Could you put a RSS feed? It would make it easier to keep track of :D (At least for me)

TerminalMontage, December 3rd, 2014, 12:42 pm

Miguel! I don't know a thing about RSS but I shall look into it! :)

Edit: Is this what you want? http://sidequests.smackjeeves.com/rss/
If it is, I'll add the link to one of the side bars so other people can use it!

MonkeysUncle, December 5th, 2014, 6:45 pm

Wow, impressive! Truly an inspiration for all uprising comic makers, including myself! Your characters are charming, the visuals are stunning, and the story isn't poo poo garb garb like most of the ones on smack jeeves! You have my respect, dear sir.

TerminalMontage, December 7th, 2014, 7:01 pm

Thanks MonkeysUncle :D

Noz (Guest), December 8th, 2014, 1:24 pm

The comic was awesome, and now with RSS it's just perfect :)
Thanks a lot !

Captn Jeff, December 8th, 2014, 10:58 pm

Why thank you Noz :D

If you have a minute to spare, it would be much appreciated if you gave us a nice rating for the challenge league contest.

If not, your awesome but if you do, your just perfect :)

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